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Now we have our own plot we’ve moved to a new blog 🙂




We now have our own plot!

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We have our own plot, the soil looks great, the current weeds look manageable, and its really long! Roughly 4 metres by 30!

Depressing Update

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This is what the allotment looks like now..

Development of a tactile sensor based on biologically inspired edge encoding

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Development of a tactile sensor based on biologically inspired edge encoding Chorley, C., Melhuish, C., Pipe, T. and Rossiter, J. (2009) In: 14th International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR), Munich 22- 26 June 2009.  pp 1-6.

Rain Rain Rain

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Far far too much rain. The sun has appeared for the first time in weeks, but the damage has already been done. The plants are either yellow through nutrients having been washed away, lack of sun or damp and disease. The squash and pumpkins have lost loads of leaves and their colour, and the tomatoes look like they have the first signs of blight. Its all such an shame but the weather is one thing we can’t control. With better preperation and more nutrient rich soil the plants would be stronger and have a much much better chance. Other well manured plots don’t seem to have suffered at all. We’ll just have to try and salvage what we can from whats left and try and work on preparing the soil with masses of manure for next year.

Squash and Pumpkin Count

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So I’ve been doing an investigation into what we actually have in terms of pumpkins and squash. I don’t have a definitive answer just yet, but it seems there is good progress on a number of them and a few more popping up as well. Overall, I would say the leaves are looking rather sickly, with some dying off and others looking pale. This adds to my thoughts that the soil is just lacking in nutrients. However, it is making it easier to see the fruit, to put a positive spin on it! I don’t feel the squash and pumpkins are growing all that fast any more either, but anyway, we’ll take what ever we get. So, what have we got? I’m pretty sure we’ve got at least:

3-4 Burgess Buttercups

3-4 Invincible Pumpkins

1 Giant Pink Banana Squash

4-5 Pink Squash

1 Giant Pumpkin.

The Burgess Buttercups are easy to spot, ’cause they are green! But seem to have stopped growing lately!

The Invincibles (I am guessing) are easy to spot, ’cause they are grey! Though there seems to be the chance of more to come.

The Banana Squash I’m pretty sure is a banana squash, that or a deformed normal squash, we’ll have to see.

The rest are just too hard to tell. They all look the same, smooth and roundish, apart from one that has a more pumpkiny look to it.

In the end, I just hope that they continue to grow. The rain has almost been non-stop, which doesn’t help the chances that they have a diesese, but they are definately suffering. Especially when compared to other peoples plants that were planted in rotted manure rich soil. There is nothing more to do but watch, wait and hope for sunshine!

Banana Squash No More

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I’m afraid the banana squash are no more. They were picked by mistake. I am kind of hopeful that one other squash in the centre of the patch will turn out to be a banana squash, otherwise there wont be anymore growing this year.

I should do a count soon of what we’ve got growing where and keep a track of them. Looking yesterday, I think there is at least 3 Burgess Buttercups and 5 that look like pumpkins, so could be Pink Squash, Invincible Pumpkins or Giant Pumpkins and there is one grey one (though I was sure there was two before) which could be an Invincible Pumpkin or something that will change colour as it gets bigger.

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